We at Triumph specialize specifically in Cyber Security Professional Services. Our core business mission is to guide our client’s Cyber Security practice to a state of perfection, enabling them to be ahead of the curve.

Security doesn’t stop at the deployment of security devices but goes beyond. It is the man behind the machine or it is the engineering behind the deployment which makes a difference, and ensures that the business remains secure or uncompromised. It is noticed that many of the implemented Cyber Security controls are far from being aligned with the unique individual business requirements of the organizations. Hence we at Triumph take pride of our guiding principles that align the security requirements to suit your business by defining the controls and practices to achieve an ideal state of security.

Serving as a dedicated Cyber Security Professional Services organization we remain vendor agnostic and when the situation demands we also advocate Open Source Technology. Our core competencies are dictated by our zest for efficient and robust Cyber Security Professional Services rather than being led by a set of defined vendors.

Our core business philosophy is driven by our clients requirements, we realize that “one size fits all” service delivery methodology is ineffective to deliver solutions. Here at Triumph we understand that it is our client’s business and their requirements which must dictate the Cyber Security standards and practices rather than the other way around.

We do not believe in simply offering a set of services to our clients while being out of sync with their vision. Hence we identify the most appropriate services and methodologies to ensure our client’s business success. Conventional Cyber Security practice revolves around making the business adapt to the security needs. While this philosophy has been ideal in the past; today’s businesses are more evolutionary, more affected by market forces and forced to scale their operations quickly with efficiency. Hence we are more pragmatic in realizing this need and we adapt our services delivery methodology to ensure your seamless business scalability requirements.

As knowledge based industry ,we are convince that our client’s continued success primarily relies on the knowledge pool of their human resources, hence our service delivery methodology ensures that our clients benefit from our engagement with them , where we take an active role in imparting them with our knowledge pool during and also after the engagement. Our deliverables are customized in such a way that they do not just serve as a one-off knowledge transfer but rather can be used as a reference for their Cyber Security Practice.

Though Cyber Security services are our core business line, yet we do not see it as a means to an end; but rather a passion that we pursue. We see Cyber Security as our calling; this passion is the secret which drives us to stay ahead of the curve. Achieving perfection in what we deliver and constant evolution enables us to stay ahead of the curve. We believe in following our passion for our service delivery which is the driving business principle of our organization.

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Digital Forensic and Investigations Solutions

Triumph’s Digital Forensics solutions portfolio include:
  • Mobile Phone Interception and Intelligence Collection

    Our unified solution which is capable of handling multiple devices on various platforms such as LTE, 3G and 2G providing services such as Call Interception and Call Data Record Analysis.
  • Digital Forensics Suite

    Our unified Digital Forensics Suite offers integrated eDiscovery, Case Management and Forensic Case Processing capabilities.
Digital Forensic and Investigations Solutions
Security Assessments
Vulnerability Assessment
Penetration Testing

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