We provide Internet of Things and Wireless solutions for various smart city applications as well as smart wireless application for various sectors including Telecom, banking, utility, oil and gas and public security applications.


We provide advisory for Smart Living and smart cities; i.e Smart energy saving Buildings ; eHealth including access to health services and better healthcare quality ; for Smart Mobility like self-driving vehicles and energy saving transportation and Smart Parking; for Smart City Solution like Smart Keyless Solution for Hotels using mobile ; for Smart Infrastructure and efficient delivery of services; for creating a wireless communication infrastructure to support low power IoT to facilitate sensor deployment in order to become pro-active with service delivery through Predictive Analytics.


We provide as well advisory on Smart Environment availing Smart Remote Working tools to reduce traffic, save energy and minimize utility consumption, to help Local Electricity Generation , enable Smart Grid & Buildings Integration ; Smart Water Irrigation , Smart Sewage Water , Smart Storm Water Management, and Smart Waste Management.

Moreover, Our services cover Smart Buildings including Centralised Management of Building Assets, Security and Access Control Lighting Management; HVAC & CWS Management; Fire Alarm System Management; in addition to Smart Homes including Home Energy Management, Home Safety and Security, Home Automation; Home Health, Home Infotainment.


Our services extend to Visitor Management; Concierge and e-services; Digital Signage; Community Portal; Parking Management; Targeted Advertisement of Services as well as to Facility Management: including Infrastructure Management i.e Asset and Procurement Management, Operations Management (Managed Security, Maintenance Management and Client FM) / Energy Management.


We consult on Unifying the communication Networks ( ICT, Telecoms and Utilities ) leveraging on existing network infrastructure and new city wide standards, to increase efficiency, eliminate duplication of effort and increase speed of delivery.


Our partners facilitate open standards data ingestion interfaces and storage to aggregate data and ensure sharing of information among district system and between districts and the city and Facilitate the IoT Data aggregation across all connected devices ensuring that network protocols such as IP v6 LoWPAN for low power networks and device architectures are standardized across the city to encourage adoption.


We also advise on cyber security, tactical Intelligence gathering and analysis, information security intelligence analysis, forensics, and e discovery.

Security Assessments
Vulnerability Assessment
Penetration Testing

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