Triumph ICT drives time bound ICT projects leading them from the inception to the Ready For Service (RFS) stage and handover.

What We Do

It is vital to shorten the total lead-time from business planning to commercial launch. The ability to manage quality and risks (especially in multivendor environments) is crucial for success. This puts a high demand on the need for a professional project practice. Triumph – ICT has a wealth of experience when it comes to managing successful projects. Our service is based on industry standard and best practice capabilities in planning, organizing, managing quality and risks, as well as in monitoring and controlling the different phases throughout the entire project lifecycle. Our customers believe that our projects and project managers demonstrate the ability to deliver consistently and successfully and operate at the highest level within the industry, which is why they continue to work with us.

How it helps

The success of any project can be measured by the ability to deliver benefits to the business on time, within budget and to the agreed quality parameters. Our wrap-around professional Project Management services provide businesses with peace of mind in the knowledge that its systems, networks and ultimately, its data, is in safe hands. No matter the complexity, Triumph ICT’s Project Management services makes a substantial contribution to any project. The combination of structured processes and early engagement of project management allows us to establish from the outset, the key criteria for controlling, measuring and delivering projects successfully.

Business Benefits

  • Working to industry standard methodologies and techniques has allowed Triumph ICT to establish a transferable blueprint for success
  • Project productivity is increased by identifying and establishing a clearly defined scope, set of objectives and success criteria
  • By ensuring a controlled start-up and agreeing a clear definition of roles and responsibilities, commitment from all parties is gained and ensures a greater level of control
  • Visibility of project plans, schedule and actual performance against the project objectives is enhanced, helping to increase customer confidence
  • Support for better decision making at all levels is enabled through a clear and disciplined approach to risk management
  • Risk is efficiently and effectively managed, which provides a comfort factor in that all possible negative impacts on the project timeline and deliverables have been considered and mitigated
Security Assessments
Vulnerability Assessment
Penetration Testing

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