What We Do

Triumph ICT’s Installation services are focused on providing all the technical support and resources needed to efficiently and cost effectively install server, storage and network equipment in brand new, upgrade and change-out installations. Our Hardware Installation services present a completely tailored and flexible solution. We offer a variety of options which provide extensive support and deliver superior execution to help ensure your equipment is correctly installed, tested and functioning as engineered and specified.

Pre-installation services

Include detailed planning and set-up meetings to agree the level and type of service you ../require. This takes into account site surveys and full risk assessment, which feature detailed site reports and ‘Bill of Material’ specifications for the targeted installation work. We also offer a variety of pre-staging options from basic equipment assembly and test, through to full solution build and test. This service also includes full management of the procurement process; from ordering and tracking through to shipment and acceptance of equipment at customer site.

How it helps

Triumph -ICT’s engineering personnel are regularly praised by customers for being the most professional, responsive and customer-focused teams they have ever worked with. Our engineers are highly practiced and fully competent in all aspects of the build, configuration, deployment and commissioning of ICT equipment and when combined with our Project and Consulting teams, provide the knowledge and confidence that the business is working with a ‘safe pair of hands’ which can seamlessly manage all project ../requirements.

Business Benefits

  • Reduces the risk of error for equipment installation by leveraging a consistent, quality delivery process
  • Provides a scalable, flexible and comprehensive approach, using highly experienced and reliable personnel to ensure a seamless customer experience
  • Speeds up the rollout of innovative and new ventures and accelerates deployment of new services and applications
  • Deploys complex products and technologies efficiently and with fewer complications
Security Assessments
Vulnerability Assessment
Penetration Testing

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