Homeland Security presents a complex, and ever-changing set of challenges to leaders at all levels of government. Terrorist attacks and natural disasters have the potential to touch the lives of all citizens.

Effective responses to complex Homeland Security risks require integrated, collaborative strategies involving a diverse range of federal, state, local, private sector, civil sector, and even international partners. Homeland Security threats—be they acts of terrorism, natural disasters, infrastructure failures, or other crises—can occur with little or no warning and with unpredictable effects.

TRIUMPH is able to serve the various governments and our other clients because we make their mission our mission. We therefore understand what is needed to react quickly to rapidly changing events. We offer continuous innovation and process improvements, while minimizing risks, and develop holistic integrated solutions.

We support the Homeland Security mission and operations in a number of ways, including:

Intelligence Collection and Analysis Solutions

Preventing and deterring terrorist attacks and protecting against and responding to threats and hazards to the nation through Homeland Security intelligence analysis, information sharing, transforming information into actionable knowledge, and assessing and mitigating risks.

Strategy, Technology, and Management Solutions

Rapidly implementing new information technology tools, communications processes, program management approaches, assuring interoperability, and developing new technologies

Emergency Management and Response Planning

Leading the unified national effort to secure middle-east, preparing for and responding to emergencies, and using grants to improve preparedness.

Border, Cargo, and Transportation Security

Ensuring safe and secure land and maritime borders; welcoming lawful immigrants and visitors; promoting the free flow of commerce by protecting and facilitating the movement of people, cargo, and conveyances; managing check points and multi-modal transportation security

Triumph along with our partners has a proven set of capabilities and service areas to help Homeland Security officials. Our firm works side by side with our Homeland Security clients as they tackle current and future Homeland Security challenges and develop and implement solutions that make our citizens safer and more secure.

Security Assessments
Vulnerability Assessment
Penetration Testing

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